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Searching Proxibid

You want it? You need it? You can find it
on Proxibid.

Proxibid offers highly valued items from a network of more than 3,000 sellers, across 15 unique product categories. Our inventory is constantly changing—millions of items sell in our Marketplace every year. With so much to offer, we have built three main ways to navigate our site.

Multiple Ways to Search Proxibid

1. By Category

Browse items available for sale in one of our product categories.

Category Drop-Down Menu

Use this browsing method and dive right into what interests you. This menu is always available from the main navigation, regardless of where you are in our Marketplace.

From there you can sort and filter inventory using specific criteria unique to each category to find what you are looking for even faster.

2. By Event Type

You can choose to browse our site using specific filters.

Sort By Event Type to Choose Timed or Live Auctions

This menu is always available from the main navigation, regardless of where you are in our Marketplace.

  • You can choose to view the items that are available for sale today.
  • If you are an auction hound, you may choose to check out items that are up for auction—timed or live.
  • Perhaps you need to purchase an item right away. Search items that are available to buy now.
  • Find a sale by a particular location or date—a great option if you want to find local auctions to attend in person or to avoid shipping.
3. Use Search

Like most sites, Proxibid offers search to direct users looking for something specific.

Direct Search Allows Your To Search All Proxibid Categories for a Specific Item


You can choose to limit your search to a single category to deliver more targeted results. Search results may display differently depending on whether you choose to search by item, by event, by seller or in the Proxibid archives. The search bar is available from any page in our Marketplace.

Searching Tips

Start with a narrow set of search terms (3-4 words) and then broaden the search terms if necessary.

Using Specific Search Terms Narrows Down Results from Thousands of Sellers

Take advantage of left navigation refinement options to filter results:

  • items
  • events
  • sellers
  • archives
  • category
  • event type
  • state
  • city
  • related searches






Saved Search

Be the first to know when items of interest are added to Proxibid. Proxibid’s improved Saved Search functionality allows buyers to conduct a search, save keywords, and receive an email alert when items matching the Saved Search criteria become available for purchase on Proxibid.

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