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Mobile Bidding on Proxibid

Proxibid makes it easy to bid on our endless supply of inventory right from your mobile device.

Mobile bidding gives buyers an additional way to interact with items on Proxibid.

Mobile Bidding for Buyers

We know buyers expect the same experience from their mobile devices as from their desktop computers when bidding on Proxibid. With the introduction of mobile bidding, we’re addressing these compatibility needs and giving our buyers an additional method for purchasing items of interest.


What is Mobile Live Bidding?

  • Live bidding via any supported mobile device
  • There is nothing to download—Mobile Live Bidding is a web-based application
  • Responsive, clean, user-friendly design
  • Same secure live bidding experience as on our desktop site with new BidLock technology, designed to ensure only intended bids are placed…No “pocket bidding” on Proxibid!

Introducing BidLock

To ensure Proxibid continues to offer the most trusted way to connect buyers and sellers of highly valued items, we have developed BidLock to protect buyers from unintentional bids. BidLock is the newest addition to our Risk Management toolkit, and provides and added layer of security when bidding on Proxibid using any device.


What is BidLock?

  • This intuitive and easy-to-use product keeps the bid button in a “locked” or disabled state until the bidder chooses to enable the button
  • BidLock protects against “pocket bids” and other instances of accidental bidding


How it Works:

1.  When a bidder opens the bidding application, the bid button will be locked

2.  Enable bidding by either clicking directly on the bid button or clicking on the Enable Bidding On/Off switch and changing it to “On”. To continue, the bidder must click “Continue” on the warning message.

3.  You are now in the Active Bid state and able to bid

4.  To disable BidLock, select the BidLock feature On/Off switch. Once clicked, a warning will appear. Select “Ok” to disable the bidding.



If you have questions about Mobile Live Bidding or BidLock, please contact Proxibid Customer Support at 877.505.7770. Our team is available 7 days a week, around-the-clock, to assist.