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It’s not enough just to list your equipment online—sell it.

Move beyond just advertising your equipment on industry websites. Sell your inventory on Proxibid-- our Marketplace delivers real, online transaction capability and an active buyer base with serious spending power from 190 countries.

Leverage an Active 24/7 Sales Channel

Proxibid’s transaction engine supports both Buy Now and Make Offer transactions:

Buy Now: Name the price you want for your items and buyers purchase directly from you.
Make Offer: Buyers make an offer on your items. You decide which offers to accept.

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Offer your inventory on Proxibid and tap into an active sales channel that delivers highly-qualified leads, automated prospect engagement, valuable remarketing opportunities and ultimately, sales.

  • Lead Generation: Capture contact information from engaged prospects browsing your inventory right now.
  • Prospect Engagement: Your sales team can leverage our automated system for communicating with prospects active in the buying process on Proxibid.
  • Remarketing Opportunities: Develop a valuable remarketing database to use for upselling buyers and future re-engagement.
  • 24×7 Sales: Proxibid’s Marketplace is a 24×7 sales engine for your inventory—take advantage of the site’s 2M monthly visitors.

A Partnership with Power

Proxibid sellers have an added weapon in their sales arsenal—the ability to offer inventory directly in the eBay Marketplace. Our joint partnership makes heavy equipment accessible to the broadest possible audience and offers a seamless, convenient way to browse and buy quality inventory online.

Proxibid sellers’ inventory will syndicate directly to eBay, exposing inventory to the ecommerce giant’s 157M global buyers. This is a seamless experience that requires no additional expense or work on behalf of sellers and is a benefit available at no extra cost.

Proxibid + eBay
Proxibid + eBay Partnership Infographic

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Proxibid’s Marketplace is full of buyers looking for exactly what you have to sell.

Market your inventory to more than 2 million Proxibid site visitors each month. Our base of active buyers is constantly growing; 13k+ new users open an account monthly. And those buyers reach beyond borders—Proxibid account holders represent more than 190 countries.

Harness the power of the Proxibid buyer base by advertising in our Marketplace. Marketing opportunities include banner display advertising, weekly e-newsletter promotion and custom email programs. Our email distribution list boasts more than 380k opted-in subscribers. Let our in-house marketing team build a custom marketing plan for your business that will drive real results.

View our Ad Catalog for a comprehensive overview of advertising opportunities on Proxibid.

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